All about me!

Chris Henry lives in the lovely Portland, OR. Actually, no: it’s not lovely at all. If you’re considering moving to Portland, Chris Henry would advise against it. Wild boars roam the streets. The liquor is watered down, and the strippers are all spent soccer moms with bad teeth. It rains 13 months a year, and the temperature never rises above 42 degrees. A 100 square foot studio apartment is never cheaper than $4000 a month. It’s Hell on Earth. Worse than Siberia.  Move anywhere but here. Unless you’re cute. And single.

Chris Henry’s also an artist skilled in many mediums. A bit of a Renaissance man, you might say. Well, you might say that, but really, you’d be giving him a bit too much credit. I mean, sure, the guy’s talented, but to put him in the same ranks as, say, Michaelangelo, and DaVinci is to cheapen their legends.  Chris Henry thinks people are a little too liberal with their compliments.

All over-complimenting aside, it’s fair to say that Chris Henry’s latest medium of choice, black velvet, came at no small cost. While the practice of painting on velvet has been around since the 1400’s, the art did not come into it’s own until the mid 1960’s, when the magical combination of Elvis Presley, and the influx of tourism in Tijuana gave birth to a low class, novelty corner of the art world that Chris Henry feels quite at home in.

To learn the art, Chris Henry traveled to TJ, itself. After a four year apprenticeship that often had more to do with knife fights, and drug muling, than the craft of black velvet painting, he finally felt that he’d learned enough to go out of his own. Well, that, and he was down one kidney, had a bounty of 300, 000 pesos on his head, and may or may not be married to a zonkey. It was time to go.

And now, Chris Henry is here, for you. Enjoy, friends.


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