Well, duh! Of course you want your very own Chris Henry original. Don’t get your skorts in a knot, friend: it’s easier than you might think.

If, right now, you’re staring at that blank space above your mantle, where it’s become clear how much you need a black velvet portrait of David Hasselhoff, or Charles Bronson, or Taylor Swift, then that dream is pretty dang close to coming true.


12×16……$150  (s&h $17)

16×20……$200 (s&h $17)

18×24……$275 (s&h $17)

*A 20% deposit will  be required with commissioned paintings*

You can contact me via the “TALK TO ME!” link on the first page!!

  The sizes listed above are all sizes that will fit ready-made frames, so should you choose to frame it, you’ll save money on not having to spring for custom sizes. If you’re interested in a size that’s not listed, email me, and we can discuss.

  Generally, I only do celebrity portraits, on account of it being very easy to find a lot of high quality photos to work from. I’ll take suggestions for the image you’d like to see on velvet, but I also reserve the right to choose the one I’m confident will work best. (I mean, come on: who’s the artist, here? You, or me? Dat’s right: ME!) However, if you’ve just GOT TO have a black velvet portrait of your grandma, email me, and, again, we can discuss.

  Also, if you’ve got some crazy idea about something that you’d think would just look fantastic on velvet, say like…a wizard riding a tiger, eating a bucket of fried chicken…well, that’s gonna be more expensive, and maybe take a little longer, but it could happen.

  Orders generally take three, to four weeks, to allow for the paint to dry, and also depending on where it’s being shipped to.

 Again, any and all inquiries about sales, commissions, hygiene tips, fan mail, marriage proposals, etc. can be sent to me via the “TALK TO ME!” link on the first page.


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